Portuguese dictionary for OpenMoko’s Illume keyboard

Hi, taking advantage of a word list composed from one million words of a Portuguese newspaper, I filtered, and filtered and filtered the garbage (and I have a strong idea it still has a lot of garbage), to generate a Portuguese dictionary for OpenMoko’s Illume keyboard.

Since UTF-8 support is still borked, I have replaced special characters like é with a plain e. Yeah, it’s like using an US keyboard for writing Portuguese, but one’s gotta work with the eggs one has in order to make an omelet.

Enjoy: Portuguese (ASCII).dic

Just do:

bunzip2 "Portuguese (ASCII)-0.1.0.dic.bz2"
scp "Portuguese (ASCII)-0.1.0.dic" root@\ \(ASCII\).dic
ssh root@
mv Portuguese\ \(ASCII\).dic \
   /usr/lib/enlightenment/modules/illume/dicts/Portuguese\ \(ASCII\).dic

With a lot of thanks to Alberto Simões for pointing me to http://www.linguateca.pt/ACDC/ and Rasterman for the hints about the (quite simple) file format.

5 Replies to “Portuguese dictionary for OpenMoko’s Illume keyboard”

  1. You could also make a file where all characters like ‘é’, ‘è’, etc. are simply converted to ‘e’ for usage in SMS, this allows for more characters in an SMS.

  2. In the dictionary file, I replaced all the accentuated characters with no accent characters (eg, ‘é’ into ‘e’) because I read somewhere that these kind of characters wasn’t yet well supported.

    If I missed any, please let me know.

    I also did a new Default.kbd whit a few more commonly used characters (at least by me) on SMS/texting.

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