updates for Fri, 1 May 2009…

At Fri May 01 11:03:17 +0000 2009, @ruiseabra said:
Tried to play #KDE 4.2 on my #Jaunty but the network thingie still can’t deal with the fact I have two wifi cards (only the external works)
At Fri May 01 11:05:28 +0000 2009, @ruiseabra said:
Wondering if the #swineflu scare is somewhat of a “bailout” for pharmaceutical companies…
At Fri May 01 11:17:19 +0000 2009, @ruiseabra said:
@jwildeboer: there’s a web site for creating conspiracies, another prossible one for #swine-flu is pharma-bailout (selling vaccines, masks)
At Fri May 01 12:09:48 +0000 2009, @ruiseabra said:
#ubuntu #compiz I see a couple of vertical arrows pointing to each other the screen. What is it, how to I make them disappear?
At Fri May 01 19:10:52 +0000 2009, @ruiseabra said:
@spam New #spammer on the block: @Lorene1981