Updates for 2009-09-13

  • And so begins the Pre-Crime Division of the Police: ♻@glynmoody Police to monitor people never convicted of a crime – #
  • select count(*) from mp_attendance; == 107396 #
  • Olha, logo o primeiro deputado de teste faltou mais de 10% das vezes, começa bem… #
  • @tonnerre That should be a bug in grub, but grub is much more friendlier to other OS’s than most boot loaders. #
  • @tonnerre I think that’s an OS design problem and not even a grub problem. I always tell grub to install itself in the partition, not MBR. #
  • @tonnerre did I mention I only have one OS? 🙂 hehe… well, when I had windows, I only had GNU/Linux as the boot partition. #
  • @tonnerre so I had the GNU/Liunux partition as the bootable partition, and Windows was free to hurt MBR as it wished 🙂 #
  • Olha… não houve um único deputado eleito que tenha ido a todas as sessões… #
  • 5 dos deputados eleitos só lá estiveram 2 vezes! #