Updates for 2009-10-18

  • @evan I’m having a bit of a trouble with !elmdentica and, do you suppose you could send me the http logs regarding my user today? #
  • @evan well, regarding my user’s IP address today, I mean… #
  • @evan no problem with #statusnet, it’s a local problem. Since I can’t Man-In-The-Middle to SSL, I’d like to know what I’m doing. #
  • @evan where can I give you my IP address (if the huge pain is matching user with IP, I can give you my IP directly)… #
  • @evan well, never mind, I still haven’t fixed it, but I have reduced the problem to autoconf tools (or pkg-config) #
  • Microsoft’s support of software patents in Bilski case is mind boggling: software is merely configuration of switches in physical machines. #
  • @jwildeboer U MUST read Microsoft’s defense of #swpat: it stands to reason since the industrial age: sequential operation of switches #
  • #swpat Microsoft, in Bilski’s Amicus Brief, argues that any computer is the required physical invention for any patent (mind boggling). #