Updates for 2009-11-06

  • @cdibona is Google Code actively forbidding certain people from acessing the site depending on their country of origin (ex, Iran)? #
  • Rumour is, the EU will today announce full embracement of Orwell’s newspeak by claiming “closed is open” #EIF2 is just like “war is peace”? # Updates for 2009-11-03

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  • Um excelente artigo sobre alguns dos problemas da lei 109/2009 de 15 de Setembro, vulgo Lei do Cibercrime: #
  • @bugabundo podes estar a incorrer em anos de cadeia por divulgar a password de root dos iPhones 😉 #
  • !elmdentica is moving from account config from gconf to sqlite3, resulting in more detailed account edits. Also… some offline content. #
  • I don’t know when the next !elmdentica release will come out, but things are shaping up relatively nicely, so maybe soon-ish… #