Updates for 2010-02-08

  • @bugabundo bah, a Megan Fox é um elemento absorvente nessa relação. qqCoisa + Megan Fox = SEXY 😉 #
  • ♺ @jwildeboer: A HOWTO on SWPAT to circumvent Bilski. At least they are open about this. #
  • @pietercolpaert I recommend against reading every message, just do so to a select few, rest consider like you just met them in the street. #
  • stuck just outside my house door. didn’t take my kets to #fosdem and wife’s not home yet. gotta train the cats to open it. #
  • s/kets/keys/ #
  • lucky me I have my olpc and the net is strong here. #
  • @zach oh just checked my dms. thanks man 🙂 #
  • @pietercolpaert meeting people IRl is loads of fun #
  • @kimus o processo de nuremberga teve bem mais testemunhas que isso, envolvia harmonizacao de leis de 5 paises. 1.5 anos? #