Updates for 2010-02-17

  • @gouki It’s an EFL based project, so it’s nice to be integrated with E 🙂 #
  • Não é só o Sócrates! É a conspiração anti-socialista! *grin* ♺ @JNegocios: Zapatero sob fogo cerrado da oposição #
  • Why do I bother… really… *sigh*. Dumb fucks. #
  • @pietercolpaert define regular… 🙂 #
  • ♺ @JMF1957: 🙂 🙂 Casa Pia: Absolvidos todos os jornalistas acusados de violação do segredo de justiça #
  • @gbraad sadly, and once again (same with Android and N900) I’m not surprised… #
  • ♺ @gbraad: @linuxdotcom posted an article about #meego Hardware Abstraction Software WTF to allow binary-only drivers. #
  • @rejon eliza? what’re you doing wih @rejon’s interface? #
  • @gbraad ha ha, you know who LF is, right? #
  • @gbraad Linux Foundation is “mostly” the hw vendors, so they don’t need no stinkin’ education 😉 #
  • @gbraad and without meaning any deteriment to the persons who represent those companies, most of them aren’t really that nice. #
  • @gbraad most of those companies don’t care or oppose “open source”, but have some departments that do care and support. #
  • @gbraad a common pitfall of not caring about user freedom and just looking at all the shebang as a nice development method. #
  • Companies, I mean. The persons who participate in LF are (IMO) the public nice and willing face, but big companies have many hands. #
  • @jwildeboer Think Different? 😉 #
  • ♺ @joaomiranda: Quando chegou ao gabinete de Rui Pedro Soares a Judiciária já sabia que password usar para entrar nos computadores #
  • @gbraad loved it. set it. thanks 🙂 #
  • tem mp3 mas… TODOS OS DIREITOS RESERVADOS e nenhuma licença (eg. CC By-SA) com ideais católicos de partilha. #
  • Ou seja, tem MP3 com orações musicais MAS se partilhares com outros crentes estarás a ser um vil “pirata”! #
  • Novo artigo no meu blog: “Passo a Rezar, pouco cristã!” #
  • @rejon LOL of the day: cristian initiative in Portugal releases prayers in modern music format in MP3 but with ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. #
  • @rejon sent them an email suggesting to use CC-By-SA 🙂 #
  • @rejon explaining that they were prohibitting the faithfull to share (which is a most important cristian value) 🙂 #
  • @jwildeboer yes 🙂 #
  • @tonnerre can’t it use stdout ? #
  • @tonnerre but it’s Free Software right? Patch? 🙂 #
  • @tonnerre but you can propose that patch and have it as an external patch for those who agree with you to do as such if ISC doesn’t like it. #
  • @gbraad I feel your pain, rest and get well! 🙂 #
  • Raising eyebrows moment of the day: #Google buys #ON2 #
  • @blizzard would you say not supporting #Ogg #Theora in YouTube’s #HTML5 could be related to this On2 deal? Limitation or pressure? #
  • #Qi’s #Ben #Nanonote on sale starting tomorrow thanks to our #TuxBrain spanish friends: #
  • @jstone yah… and Ben Nanonote is probably the most open computer you got, right now (hw too). #

Passo a Rezar, pouco cristã!

Não sou crente, mas acho espectacular a iniciativa de distribuir orações encapsuladas em música contemporânea.

Contudo os MP3 não estão acompanhados de nenhum licenciamento visível, e no site apenas consta Todos os direitos reservados. Como isto proíbe a partilha entre os crentes (e a partilha é um valor cristão fortemente defendido) penso que a iniciativa encontra-se assim ferida de credibilidade.

Nesse sentido, enviei-lhes o seguinte contacto, esperando boas notícias para breve:

Boa noite,

Acho muito bem que distribuam MP3 com versões das orações em formato de música contemporânea, mas estão a distribuí-las de uma forma muito pouco cristã.

Acontece que a única informação de licenciamento dos conteúdos que existe é a que existe no vosso site: TODOS OS DIREITOS RESERVADOS.

Ou seja, se um crente partilhar a música com outros crentes, estará a cometer uma infracção à lei ao ser bom cristão.

A minha sugestão é que licenciem os MP3 sob os termos da licença Creative Commons By Attributtion and Share-Alike (conhecida como CC-By-SA e cujos termos estão aqui: )

Boa iniciativa, só falta torná-la verdadeiramente cristã!

Actualização: como o site está em baixo (provavelmente devido à carga derivada de todos os que tentaram lá ir na sequência do artigo na TV), este contacto não seguiu. Volto a tentar mais tarde.

Actualização 2: 🙂 já foi… «Aviso. O seu contacto foi enviado. Responderemos o mais breve possível. Obrigado.» Updates for 2010-02-16

  • @stephwer everyone is entitled their minuses, mbp is yours, that’s excellent! #
  • rt @stephwer: @ruiseabra You’re right! Nobody should be perfect… =) #
  • @jwildeboer you could try to dual boot her mbp with fedroa! *grin* #
  • @jwildeboer are you feelingbetter, btw? #
  • #meego discourages L/GPL v3 #fail #
  • amolther #meego #fail besides discouraging gpl3 is aiming to be proprietary-friendly #
  • I mean another. !olpc keyboard is not so easy to type into. #
  • so the linnux foundation chose #swpat and #drm support. has to be. only real reason to discourage gpl 3 is that. #
  • @pietercolpaert almost same thing but giving them the power to make arbitrary exceptions. #
  • @pietercolpaert read #meego licensing policy and it becomes clear it’s oriented toward non-free support. #
  • @pietercolpaert #meego developers will be gratis employees of proprietary platforms. #
  • @pietercolpaert I don’t care about what control operators want to have over me. #android and #meego want to help them have it. #
  • @pietercolpaert #meego will never run on the !freerunner. because it’s oriented towards non-free graphics cards and formats. #
  • @pietercolpaert yes, but understand what their mission is: less freedom, not more… #
  • @jwildeboer #FSO allows that, too bad one needs good hardware to go with it. #
  • @pietercolpaert will be as free as #android or #n900, aka, non-free in practice for 99.9% of the cases #
  • @gbraad you’re probably in breach of contract with your operator 🙂 #
  • @openuniverse #FSO but more developers are needed, as well as a good hardware platform #
  • @openuniverse visit #
  • @pietercolpaert have you read their po #
  • @pietercolpaert have you read #meego ‘s licnsing policy? because it’s quite clear what they want. #
  • @pietercolpaert you understand you’re placing your hope in Intel and Nokia, right? #
  • @pietercolpaert while #swpat exist yes, it’s very hard for us to gain momentum. they are a barrier to entry. so don’t support #swpat friends #
  • that’s what I do #
  • @pietercolpaert there are no dumb phones anymore, only software makes them dumb or not 🙂 #
  • @pietercolpaert even that one 🙂 ok, not so powerfull, but dumbness is sw ! #
  • @kimus hoje e’ feriado para os trabalhadores bancarios. #
  • @kimus feriado #
  • joe biden at work… rt @arstechnica: New IP task force brings “stronger and stricter enforcement” – #
  • @jwildeboer @evan @zach it would be nice if it could be done without js 🙂 also less js for embbed devices #
  • ♺ @techdirt: Viacom To Record Labels: If You Want More Money For Music In Video Games, We’ll Find Other Music #
  • @jwildeboer what’s the gist of it? #
  • @jwildeboer @rejon if it’s at least as open as the OpenMoko phones it’s already a big win (want one to use #FSO) #
  • @rejon minimum I desire is what we currently have on normal computers, the ability to run Free Software with the machine whole usefulness. #
  • @rejon but the more free the hardware is, the better. so even if the hardware is semi-hidden, if it can run on Free Software drivers… #
  • @rejon … then it’s way better than 99.9% of the mobile phone devices all around 🙂 #
  • Neat, 1st external patch for !elmdentica! 🙂 #
  • New svn !elmdentica home at: #
  • Next in queue, !elmdentica issues and wiki. #
  • !elmdentica is moving away from #google’s geographical restrictions to Free Software developers. #
  • @gbraad that’swhat I’m hoping for 🙂 #
  • blod sausage… #
  • At an excellent dinner with bood sausagesand other fumed meat and lots of good cheese and excellent Douro wine! #
  • @jwildeboer envy doesn’t suit you well 😉 #
  • @jwildeboer it’s not exactly blood sausage, it’s more like chorizo, but I don;t know the english word #
  • yum… this sheep cheese from Serra da Estrela really rocks… 😀 #
  • And after a delicious home made chocolate mousse, port wine! #
  • About to have cofee and pasteis de nata (“portuguese *breakfast*” at some weird place) #
  • @pietercolpaert very similar to portuguese SuperBock #
  • @schestowitz @glynmoody I believe cell phones provide a real risk, if you talk inhumanly too much. #
  • @rejon I’m surely tuned! # Updates for 2010-02-15

  • E pimba, como esperado, a Face Oculta já começa a chegar também ao PSD… 🙂 #
  • rt @pietercolpaert: Cool, I got my FSF membership gifts. The USB memory-card is pretty awesome! #
  • @pietercolpaert I’m waiting for my FSFE cryptocard! #
  • rt @jwildeboer: How very true. #
  • Is anyone else working on #lxde on the !olpc !fedora image? much better suited than #gnome for alternate desktop! #
  • @gbraad I have an old usb reader, I hope it works. Anyway, thanks for the recomendations in case it doesn’t 🙂 #
  • Off to watch “Men who stare at goats”. hope to have as an awesome time as with “Whatever works” #cinema # Updates for 2010-02-14

  • God is gay and a decorator. Valuable lesson from Woody Allen’s hilarious «Whatever Works». 🙂 #
  • @glynmoody yes, we are agreeing, just adding wood to the fire! 🙂 #
  • @JamesKysonLee: why #saveheroes ? is it being cancelled ? #
  • ♺ @slashdot: Australian Judge Rules Facts Cannot Be Copyrighted #
  • So !elmdentica works with https after all, you can enable “secure” instead of “faster” if you create a /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt #
  • So ssl works in !elmdentica you can copy ca-certificates.crt or ca-bundle.crt from your computer into that path. #
  • How many Free Software decisions are done at some companies and governmental entities: #
  • Ui… tanto fanboy do PS… até parece que da direita à esquerda nenhum dos últimos Governos portugueses não tentou controlar a com. social. #
  • Leiam mas é a constituição portuguesa. Perguntem-se onde é que a liberdade individual de expressão está protegida (não está, tem excepção). #
  • E o mesmo se passa para a liberdade de imprensa. #
  • Já agora, em Outubro de 2009 foi promulgada pela @presidencia uma lei de censura em portugal, na ratificação do Cibercrime. #
  • @evan our picture, not stored (didn’t notice, memory card was full). #
  • Neither the table’s pic #
  • *hell* #
  • @bugabundo yeah, not to mention other nice pics I took in bxl 😐 #
  • Phew! I had merely swapped the memory card and no longer remembered having done so… #
  • @gbraad haha! #
  • I’ve got to fix this #wordpress plugin in order to *not* post on article update. #
  • @rejon I do have a lot of russian spam on my blog moderation queue 😉 #
  • @gbraad in all fairness, I’d love to know what @rejon’s 3 fingers standing up mean 🙂 #
  • @pietercolpaert yeah 🙂 #
  • @gbraad I don’t follow facebook and can’t seem to find her posting publicly, you have the url? #
  • @gbraad nay 🙂 must be the fact of the picture #
  • @webmink you’re right, I don’t know where that q came from! 🙂 #
  • @stephwer thanks! #
  • ♺ @RuiSeabra: New blog post: So !elmdentica works with https! #

So elmdentica works with https!

It seems the problem with those weird libcurl errors when you enabled the secure option (basically https) is that the ca certificate bundle is missing in SHR’s OE build (perhaps it’s on all OE builds, don’t know).

There is, fortunately, an easy way to fix it (as mentioned in the openmoko communiy list).

All you need to do is copy your own ca certificate bundle (in Fedora it’s /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt ) into the proper place for OE’s path: /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt

So now you can enable secure, rather than faster 🙂


As usual, the weekend at FOSDEM is awesome. It all started on the previous Wednesday as I flew from the day job towards Brussels. Still nobody I knew there, so I basically went straight to bed.

The adventure started at the capacity event conference organized by EDRi at the European Parliament. I enjoyed very much to finally meet some people I only knew online, some of them for quite a few years.

The theme was, of course, digital rights in Europe. ACTA is some scary shit, not so much about the undemocratic secrecy, but because of the few contents that have spilled out, like three strikes to take you off the Internet, criminal offences for copyright, trademark and patent infringement, etc. No wonder the European Comission representatives claim ACTA will not change european law, I mean… just add up the EUCD, IPRED1, Data Retention Directive, eventually IPRED2 and other Trade Agreements that are happening, by the time ACTA comes up all the scary military-state-like laws will already be in place.

So it’s true, it won’t change, because change is happening before ACTA comes to be. Fait accomplit!

More about this theme at a later posting, reflecting my summary of the event. Get ready for the real life pirates who are threatening our digital rights.

It was almost midnight when I learned that a good friend I was expecting to meet again was getting married the following morning, so I had to join @jwildeboer (who had just flown in) for one celebratory drink, which ended up with a few hours of a very interesting talk with @kanarip. He’s an amazingly interesting no-bull-shit guy, if you ever meet one. Respect!

Unfortunately I had to cut the event short and missed the last quarter, Friday afternoon, to join an OpenForum Europe meeting. At some point the warm fuzzy feeling of a family getting together was felt in the room 🙂

After that, dinner with more interesting people. Some came from the EDRi event, some from the OFE meeting, and one (@webmink, whom I felt very honoured to have personally met) was already waiting for us at Le Roi  before dinning, and let me tell you that before eating at the place Simon took us, the Roue D’Or at Rue des Chapeliers, I though there was no decent food in Brussels (even if you have to be a bit of a masochist with the service).

After that, realizing that the FOSDEM #googlebeer event at the Delirium was so packed it was impossible to stay there, Mark Taylor joined us as we moved to A La Morte Subite for a drink with some Java developers.

Next morning, FOSDEM. Met @stephwer and Jan for breakfast then came back for a couple of talks before meeting up with more people I haven’t seen for a while, like @zoobab who was kind enough to host me last year, and some of the great guys from Tux Brain, who buzz fixed my OpenMoko (and David Samblas posted a lot of pictures).

Then we left early, for #statuscheck, the meetup at A La Morte Subite. Finally meeting @evan, the founder of Status.Net (formerly, the Free Software behind (it’s like Twitter but with the cool people), fellow OpenMoko user @pieterc, and some awesome guys like @rejon, @gbraad, @blizzard (whose beard is not at all nearly as black as his avatar’s) and all the others in the table:

#statuscheck meet up
#statuscheck meet up

@bugabundo (who could not go), asked me to send @evan a hug, here’s the evidence (thanks to @pieterc):

Hugging @evan
Hugging @evan

After #statuscheck, joined @webmink and some friend of his for dinner at Roue D’Or again (yum, yum), and then we joined a couple of Mozilla People, namely Patrick Flich, who together with @webmink and I stayed up until expelled from a bar which wanted to close down. Good excuse for going to bed 🙂

The day after I had to do some chocolate shopping before FOSDEM, so I missed half the OpenMoko talks at the devroom. Still… I arrived in time to meet heinervdm, mickeyl and GNUtoo.

Then I me @alxc from April, @floschi from LiMuX and attended @rejon’s and @vegyraupe‘s Ben Nanonote talk. A very interesting and promising device, I hope it’s successful enough to launch Qi Hardware into a bright future. Check it out! Now!

Then I had to get back straight to the hotel, as I was going to wake up at 4am in order to get back to Portugal, straight to my day job. It was like waking up from a dream.

I wish it was FOSDEM for all year long 🙂 Updates for 2010-02-13

  • Half way through adding members added to our new #civicrm test install. If all goes well, no longer a test. #
  • @jwildeboer #civicrm seems to be very good, I’m still doing my first steps and I know 0 of drupal/joomla either. #
  • ♺ @webmink: OpenOffice BACK In Ubuntu Netbook Edition After User Outcry (Thank goodness, was losing hope in UNR) #
  • One way to optimize manual insert of user data in #civicrm is to create the contact first, then make it a member. #
  • Of course you can only do this if you don’t have *a*lot* of members/contacts. #
  • @greve careful, you’ll soon need double that! 😉 #
  • Dealing with boring administrative work… #
  • @glynmoody “what do you do with FU on BAR” is an irrelevant question. “what CAN you do with FU on BAR” is the relevant one. #
  • @glynmoody answering to questions of “what can you do” limits discussion to the imagination of both speakers. #
  • @glynmoody if storage is not a problem (160G vs 1GB NAND) nor RAM (1GB vs 256MB) nor CPU (varios Ghz vs 800MHz or 450MHz)… why limit users #
  • @glynmoody answering to questions of “what DO you do” limits discussion to the imagination of both speakers. (s/can/DO/) # Updates for 2010-02-12

  • ♺ @jzim: EU Council Presidency: Spain pushes for flawed Net policies #IPRenforcement #NetNeutrality #eu10 #
  • @jwildeboer you bet! (but I won’t do that right away). #
  • @gbraad WHAT? #buzz isn’t really off even when I turned it off? #
  • ♺ @JMF1957: Como prometido, o meu texto de hoje: “Não, o que nos está a acontecer não é normal nem tolerável” #
  • @lopo huh? #
  • ♺ @blizzard: Trying to figure out how to unfuck the damage Buzz did to the google services I use. #
  • Either that or I clicked the wrong link. #google #buzz #fail #
  • I suspect turning #google #buzz off blocks your gtalk. *sucks*. Biggest #fail yet for me, guys. #
  • And now #pidgin can’t login to #gtalk anymore (but talk works from #gmail browser window). #
  • Provavelmente tais exemplos são só ingenuidade minha. Talvez… #
  • @czorrinho ou o concurso para o novo Magalhães, que dá à Microsoft o poder de escolher quem será o fornecedor… credibilidade onde? #
  • E isto é só no meu burgo, informática, que representa uma pequena amostra. Como não será no resto… #
  • @luisfcorreia sadly, not working for me 😐 #
  • @luisfcorreia not working, not even if I move the certificate away in order to force getting a new one. #
  • Accepting all suggestions… #
  • @luisfcorreia because of a #google problem? what sense does that make? Isn’t it like Windows? (whole restart thingie)? #
  • @lfcorreia besides, the certificate that is being donwloaded is exactly the same as the previous one #
  • @lfcorreia I have move along with my pidgin configs for years, from fedora to ubuntu and back. pidgin is very good, actually. #
  • And now it works, misteriously. It *had* to be something on #gtalk. #
  • Unlike the #empathy crapware. #