Updates for 2010-04-17

  • so good, waking up with a migraine…drugs are in, and now back to bed. #
  • ♺ @jwildeboer: Soon we will have device specific content on websites. And spoofing user agents will be considered a crime. #iPay #
  • Realising exactly how the #Iceland #volcano affects european flights: #Wikinews has the best collected coverage so far #
  • City of Heerenveen (and others) caving in: cans migrations because it’s too hard to get rid of vendor lock-in #
  • @jwildeboer: maybe they’re just worried because they never tested the planes under such circunstances, did you see ? #
  • Amo-tevos muito! #
  • hey hey hey, US SEC accuses Goldman Sachs of fraud! #
  • gbrad: here’s one hour less than that and I feel wasted. Gonna read me some Hellblazer till I fall asleep 🙂 #