Updates for 2010-05-29

  • Not #identica? ♺@glynmoody Eric Raymond joins #Twitter "Yes, I *am* that ESR." well, of course… #esr #
  • @bkuhn: unreliable, perhaps. !freerunner has many hardware problems. but ‘unusable’ isn’t fair to all the hard work done so farby many. #
  • @gbraad we’re about to have a smaller common awake-margin. Thanks to the Internet 2000km == 10000km, but awake-margin becomes the challenge. #
  • @gbraad have a nice time in Beijing! #
  • @support I flagged @blackotaku by mistake, how can I unflag him? Sorry @blackotaku! 🙁 #
  • @bkuhn @candrews possible workaround: donate code with a receipt of value (estimate worth per hour and how many hours you spent), feasible? #