Updates for 2010-05-02

  • O caderno de encargos para o #Magalhães 2 está aqui e estou a escrever uma análise aqui: #
  • Não publiquei isto antes por temer represálias judiciais uma vez que se pagava para obter estes dados e havia dever de sigilo. #
  • Agora que foram anúnciados (sem qualquer surpresa) os vencedores, penso que não faz mal nenhum. #
  • The “public” procurement for laptops for kids in #Portugal which demands #Windows 7, #Intel (in a hidden form) and #OOXML #
  • @kyrrith: it’s the !ubuntu proprietary-friendly way, quite inhuman, IMHO. #
  • @floschie: and they already granted the procurement to, guess what, Intel and Microsoft distributors JP Sá Couto and Prológica #
  • ♺ @andersongouveia: Em breve estará pronto o meu Livro de Asterisk e VoIP, espero ter muito êxito. Agradeço desde ja o apoio de todos. #
  • @CienAoNatural procurar por scrubs #
  • Do início ao fim, apenas o que disse Mariano Gago que enfureceu os lobbies das editoras: Quem interpretou mal o quê? #
  • ♺ @PartidoPirataPT: I uploaded a YouTube video — Declarações de Mariano Gago sobre a Pirataria #
  • ScrtAvngrs 1-4@brubaker/@mikedeodato #
  • I hope I can upgrade my laptop from !fedora 12 to F13 as smoothly as the upgrade from !ubuntu #karmic to #lucid was on my media center. #
  • How did this crap get back in? To recover some #swpat lucidity in !ubuntu #lucid: sudo apt-get remove `dpkg -l | awk ‘/mono/ { print $2 }’ ` #
  • @sunny256: oh, but sadly we do have #swpat in Europe… just not valid *yet*. #
  • @sunny256: not all #swpat owners attack !freesoftware Microsoft does increasingly so with recourse to #swpat #
  • @rahulsundaram: I really would love to, but this is my work laptop, I need to have some reasonable assurance that I won’t break it 🙂 #
  • @rahulsundaram: hey, the link you sent is empty of content. Probably bad link? #
  • I wished I could test in a VM, but KVM gives me an instant reboot after a few seconds of launching a machine under !fedora 12 🙁 no dbg msgs #
  • @rahulsundaram: I found it by trying virt-manager and then directly qemu-kvm to try to repolicate the issue. #
  • @rahulsundaram: qemu-kvm -m 512 -hda zbr.img -cdrom /dev/sr0 -boot d == instant reboot with no debug message whatsoever. #
  • @rahulsundaram: I don’t like reporting bugs with “only problem” and no debug message, but I get nothing in the logs. #
  • @gbraad: kvm worked well in my previous Dell Latitude D531 but this replacement one has minor diferences (eg, working internat wifi). # Updates for 2010-05-01

  • ♺ @zoobab: MPEGLA going after Theora, Apple & Microsoft, along with a host of tech companies, are also members of MPEGLA: #
  • ah what a nice warm and fuzzy feeling to see #omnewrotate being upgraded from opkg update 😉 !shrunstable !openmoko !freerunner #

OMNewRotate 0.5.8 is out!

I’ve just released omnewrotate 0.5.8 which integrates Tim Abell’s improvements to rotation sensitivity and I’ve added some code so it is smarter about detecting the paths for setting the brightness level while rotating which changed in more recent Linuxs (2.6.32 and beyond, I think).

As I’m running SHR-Unstable, your mileage may vary but it’s likely it will work 🙂

As usual, the download links are at the project’s Google Code site for omnewrotate (see the featured downloads section):

SHR-Unstable users should only need to upgrade (later today, or in a day or so).