Updates for 2010-07-11

  • ♺ @greggrunberg: Mel Gibson’s hatred has gone WAY too far. That ASSWIPE, RACIST, ANTI-SEMITE now hates FAKE BOOBS too! He’s dead to me!! #
  • Go, Bulls, go! ♺ @BreakingNews: 1 well-known runner gored, 3 others injured in Pamplona bull run – AP #
  • ♺ @wikileaks WikiLeaks will NOT be abandoned. Don’t listen to disinfo being spread! We’ll issue clarifications soon. Should’ve done earlier #
  • Fear the squid power! In squid we trust, all else pay the referee! #
  • Was it a squid or an octopus? Reports vary, but the result is still #disturbing and worrying. ‘They’ refers to those boneless folks! #
  • Go Catalunia! #
  • @Biafra: thanks, heard squid from some, octopus from others! #