Updates for 2010-07-22

  • Indeed! I can’t but fully agree. ♺ @pedromelo: @Biafra Read/listen to most (if not all) of Pratchett already #
  • ♺ @glynmoody: #ICANN Should Avoid Expanding Scope of Mission to Include Enforcing ‘Morality’ and Fighting ‘Terrorism’ #
  • Loves or loves to use? ♺ @pvilela: Facebook loves open source RT @iaincgray: The software behind Facebook:" #
  • ♺ @glynmoody: International Experts See Backswing In Pendulum Of Biological Patenting “IPR rights was no incentive” #
  • @bkuhn you’ll likely be emailed about the current state of !FSO on PalmPre. otherwise, find morphis on #freenode #