Updates for 2010-07-26

  • Now do liberals notice ♺ @chrisblizzard: ‘There’s no question that there is an income shift going on in the economy’ #
  • @jwildeboer ok, one central gov having ID for all citizens is a bit fascist (happens in PT, not in UK or USA, though govs want them). #
  • @brunomiguel dunno, it’s three years of study so you must be passionate about learning it. anything you love in particular? #
  • @jwildeboer so if you have one gov with global IDs, the potential for abuse of power is big. Don’t know in practice, with #TRNP, how serious #
  • Argh…. 41ºC predicted for today… I’ll be at a datacenter so no worries for me, but the wife at home… #
  • @PauloQuerido: 90k vendas a lucro zero soa a mais uma machadada naquilo que a InfoWorld considerou um desastre. #