Updates for 2010-10-29

  • RT @bkuhn !FaiFCast Episode 0x01 is finally out! Download it now and/or subscribe to the RSS Feed. #
  • Changed VM provider last night as slicehost was only getting slower and slower. #
  • RT @webmink Microsoft drops Silverlight, commits to HTML 5: #
  • RT @johnsu01 RD @fsf VLC dev takes a stand against DRM in #AppStore — — VLC is GPL. App Store contradicts fre … #
  • RT @csarven Browser tab one is the new email inbox zero. #
  • Found where twitter and tweet came from: 1961 scifi novel by Poul Anderson, 1st para, chapter 9, After Doomsday. ‘Tweeter-tweet’ no less. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #