Updates for 2010-11-22

  • RT @chriswaterguy Cool new !StatusNet & !Identica feature. “Remote Profile Options” to subscribe/flag users from other sites. Hover for … #
  • @chriswaterguy: of course it had to allow that so different !ostatus members could join the federation. The id will be unique per server. #
  • @lxoliva: I liked it a lot, and they were setting up a pretty good long term plot but it didn’t have enough action for big audiences. #
  • @jwildeboer: note, in Portugal those classmates are being bought with unlawful procurement that demands Windows 7 and MS Office. #
  • @jwildeboer: There is a complaint in EU Commission but apparently nothing is going on. Have published analysis months ago. #
  • RT @jwildeboer Seems MSFT spinoff buys Novell “IPR”, rest goes to attachmate. #
  • @jwildeboer: #freedentity sounds interesting! Let us know more! #
  • RT @jwildeboer So now MSFT own the copyright of UNIX? Interesting … #
  • RT @macno Supported Irish economy with a couple of #guinness #