The dark ages are a-coming again.

It was inevitable, either a gun or a blade, or a house or clothing or, when we can just poor some organic paste, food.

In terms of IT, hardware and software wise, we must first finish the dark ages before entering illuminism.

Right now, they’re gathering the tools for the witch hunting.

DMCA, EUCD, DRM, IPRED, ACTA,  PIPA, SOPA, CISPA, Patriot Act, cyber crime convention, etc. All laws designed to control magicians.

Creating the mental global acceptance that these IT age magicians must be put to the fire.

We can do little than to fight against that as much as we can, but not, IMHO, by blaming the people behind 3d printed guns, like Cody Wilson, as much as we disagree with the concept of weapons (and I do).

They’re just an excuse that, if not spontaneous, would eventually be fabricated. They’d give a 3d printer and enough incentive to a militia through an infiltrated agent, or some other method.

We need to fix this by changing society, but that takes generations.