OMNewRotate 0.5.1 is out!


I’ve just release a new version of OMNewRotate (source, it’s OpenPGP signature, an ipkg tested agains FSO M4.1 and it’s OpenPGP signature), the ‘Automagically Lazy Edition’ because it’s just like the ‘Lazy Edition’ but with Autotools magic. Yes, I know it doesn’t work well with suspend. I’ve just gotter suspend to work on my OpenMoko, so expect that it is fixed by 0.6.0.

From the ChangeLog:

2008-12-09 - 0.5.1 - Automagically lazy
	* same as 0.5.0 plus auto tools magic
	* desktop icon
	* places a starter script

Starting OMNewRotate automatically

Following a question from Leonti Bielski in the OpenMoko Community Mailing List, here’s a tip on how to start OMNewRotate (or any other rotate for that matter). Just execute the following (from the phone’s terminal or from an SSH connection), and restart the xserver:

echo '/home/root/rotate&' > /etc/X11/Xsession.d/89rotate
chmod a+rx /etc/X11/Xsession.d/89rotate

My first reply has a bug, so maybe you should trust the above version better. I think Leonti caught it, since it worked for him ūüôā

OpenMoko NewRotate 0.5.0 ‚ÄėLazy Edition‚Äô is out!


I’ve just release a new version of omnewrotate (OpenPGP signature), the ‘Lazy Edition’ because it uses so much less CPU than any version I did before. Oh, I forgot to mention it in the release commit, but at least with FSO M4 I’m getting a very stable rotation BUT if the screen looks garbled, please wait a few seconds until the graphic user interface adjusts to the screen changes. I don’t think I can do much about that…

From the ChangeLog:

2008-11-19 - 0.5.0 - Lazy edition
        * uses a second thread for reading the accellerometer packets
        * drops Fabian's changes (not that they weren't good, just not
          needed any more)
        * adds flags (look at display_help() or ./rotate -h)
        * drops packets with 0 value coordinates (I got bogus packets
          like that so I decided to drop them, if you feel you get good
          packets with 0 value, you can use '-0' as an argument to take
          them in account).
        * top -d 1 -p PID shows 0.0% CPU usage (of omnewrotate) even
          during rotation
        * seems to waste a little too much memory (some stuff could be
          done with one number and bitwise operations instead of several
          numbers, I wonder how much that will improve and if it's worth
          the effort...)
        * only output outside of debug mode are real errors

This made my day…

… Marcus Bauer, who writes TangoGPS (an app I like but rarely use because GPS eats battery), uses one of my rotate versions. Neat!

I really gotta make a new release, but first I must decide wether to move to FSO (of which I’m trying out fso-image since M4) or Debian. I’m kinda of bored of the “hard” way OpenEmbbeded paves for writing applications…

Dealer internacional vem a PT angariar dealer nacional

Na lógica da analogia do software e formatos proprietários à droga, na qual os traficantes oferecem as primeiras doses (é de graça, é de graça, não faz mal nenhum), por forma a criar habituação, e depois há os efeitos secundários que levam ao vício (dependência química ou, neste caso, vendor lock-in), quando Steve Ballmer veio cá a Portugal negociar o Memorando de Entendimento v2, tratou logo de arranjar um traficante local com abrangência nacional e apoio estatal: a Caixa Geral de Depósitos.

¬ęEste protocolo com a CGD vem dar corpo ao compromisso da Microsoft no desenvolvimento da economia local (…) queremos motivar os estudantes a apostar na investiga√ß√£o e projectos empresariais inovadores¬Ľ, refere Nuno Duarte, director geral da Microsoft Portugal

E como v√£o eles fazer isso? O artigo √© claro, “oferecendo” o que qualquer um j√° consegue obter gratuitamente na Net sem acordos de bastidores:

¬ęa Microsoft ir√° disponibilizar, gratuitamente, √†s institui√ß√Ķes de Ensino Superior, clientes da CGD, a plataforma Windows Live@Edu, oferecendo assim aos estudantes universit√°rios um conjunto de servi√ßos gratuitos, nomeadamente 10 Gigabytes para a sua caixa de correio electr√≥nico pessoal, suporte para mobilidade, blogs, espa√ßo para trabalho colaborativo, contactos, calend√°rio, fotos, entre outros. O pacote de servi√ßos inclui, tamb√©m, protec√ß√£o anti-spam e anti-v√≠rus¬Ľ

Eu pergunto-me √© se somos mesmo todos est√ļpidos ao ponto de acreditar que √© com estas tretas que se aposta na investiga√ß√£o e projectos empresariais inovadores, ou se s√£o s√≥ as camadas decisoras por detr√°s destas g√©nio-deficit√°rias decis√Ķes que s√£o est√ļpidos.

Ou se calhar n√£o √© estupidez, √© algo pior. Parafraseando o presidente da Mandriva quando perderam um neg√≥cio depois de uma s√ļbita viagem de Steve Ballmer, n√≥s c√° em Portugal temos uma palavra para isto, sabia Steve? Imagina qual √©… v√° l√°… eu sei quem em Ingl√™s tamb√©m existe…

OM NewRotate’s new home

I was going to place my OpenMoko project on but because the OpenMoko guys couldn’t solve my problem commiting files (hopefully because they’re finally working on the really important stuff) and I wanted to outsource the project’s hosting, I moved it into Google Code, so this is it’s new home:

Currently, the code has integrated some of Fabian Henze‘s source code changes, but quite sadly he considers our aims as being too different for further collaboration in one project.

OpenMoko newRotate checks brightness

Oscar Casamitja patched the old rotate program to change brightness on rotate in order to better hide xrandr’s artifacts. That’s actually a very good idea.

This new version reads from actual_brightness and set into brightness, which you can find in /sys/class/backlight/pcf50633-bl/ , in order to skip packet reading when the screen is dimmed, which is the next best thing to checking wether the screen is locked.

I run into a problem, though: it seems that if I open() actual_brightness once, I never again read an updated value, which makes me have to read on every loop ūüôĀ

Enough talk, get it here: rotate-0.3.0.tar.gz (ascii sig) [now, if only this bug was fixed on…]

Hope you’re enjoying it… ūüôā

$ head -2 ChangeLog
2008-10-14 - 0.3.0
	* dims while rotating and doesn't rotate if dimmed, sleeping for 5s
Known Issues:
	* I'm not getting updated results if I only open
	  /sys/class/backlight/pcf50633-bl/actual_brightness once
	  which means I need to open it on every cycle.
	  Since it's in memory and not an actual file, wast should
	  not be too much
	* some heuristic values may need fine tunning

Portuguese dictionary for OpenMoko’s Illume keyboard

Hi, taking advantage of a word list composed from one million words of a Portuguese newspaper, I filtered, and filtered and filtered the garbage (and I have a strong idea it still has a lot of garbage), to generate a Portuguese dictionary for OpenMoko’s Illume keyboard.

Since UTF-8 support is still borked, I have replaced special characters like √© with a plain e. Yeah, it’s like using an US keyboard for writing Portuguese, but one’s gotta work with the eggs one has in order to make an omelet.

Enjoy: Portuguese (ASCII).dic

Just do:

bunzip2 "Portuguese (ASCII)-0.1.0.dic.bz2"
scp "Portuguese (ASCII)-0.1.0.dic" root@\ \(ASCII\).dic
ssh root@
mv Portuguese\ \(ASCII\).dic \
   /usr/lib/enlightenment/modules/illume/dicts/Portuguese\ \(ASCII\).dic

With a lot of thanks to Alberto Sim√Ķes for pointing me to and Rasterman for the hints about the (quite simple) file format.

OpenMoko Rotate 0.2.1

Yes, it’s out, release early, release often, yadada yadada. I’m grumpy because of less sleep time than usual, and a whole day of ITIL Foundation V3 lesson (3 more days of it, plus an exam later on).

Get it here: rotate-0.2.1.tar.gz (signature)

Anyway, here’s the good news:

$ head -5 ChangeLog
2008-09-22 - 0.2.1
        * more heuristic fixes (hopefully really fix when laying around, and
          turned up)
        * workaround with alarm() for the accelerometer read-hang problem
        * sleeping for 100ms seems to get cpu usage quite low (0% to 0.9%)