Batman v Superman is awesome, don’t let critics ruin movie for comic book fans

Last night I went to watch Batman V Superman and it’s a very good comic book movie. It’s not Lawrence of Arabia, or by any means a contender for Best Movie Oscar Award or anything like it, but it’s an excellent depiction of a good comic book movie.

I’m putting a view “more” link by force because the rest has spoilers. Just trust me: if you like good dark comic book stories, specially those featuring Batman and Superman and those that don’t try to fit a single story in one go, you’ll like the movie. I did. A lot (not that I don’t have some gripes with it, but it’s a god damn good action movie adapting comic book characters).

Remember: there be spoilers. Read at your own discretion.

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Today would have been a good day to stay in bed a little bit more. 😪

Giving up on

For years I’ve been bravely maintaining a instance residing at even though the project has some unhealthy red flags, the most important of which are no development community and definitely not even great involvement from its own father.

I think Evan is an awesome guy, but sadly pump did not gain traction. I’m afraid of running web software that is so unmaintained.

I don’t believe it is secure, no software is, specially secure enough to go on for almost an year without patches (and let’s not dwelve on how few there had been previously):

Screenshot from 2015-05-03 14:59:27

It’s not lightly that I do this, and it’s actually with a lot of sorrow that I’m retiring it.

It’s html5 web interface means it’s very hard to make a static version, and I’ve never shared anything so significant in it that I’ll be sad to let it go.

I’ll keep a backup but, I’m sad to say, I simply can’t take it anymore and it’s time for much due housekeeping. 🙁

#Rockland’s original form is… Torn!

I’ve been jogging to and from work everyday, averaging 75 minutes on two near 4 Km daily journeys always on sidewalks and zebra crossings.

After 3 weeks I noticed my absolutely fabulously comfortable Rockland sandals were both torn in the same spot,  symmetrically.

I went back to the store and they were very nice and replaced them with another pair.

Today, I used the new pair for the first time and as I got home I noticed that, again and yes again on the very same fucking spot one of them is already torn and the other one shows clear signs that tomorrow it won’t last the morning jog before being torn as well.

There is a coloration deformity that promises that will happen, for sure.

72 fucking minutes of jog!

Now… Some of you, dear readers, may think sandals are not made for that. You’re wrong. These ones are for that. Read on:


«made of high resilient elastomer material that is the quality that has the material to return to it’s original form for each second during outdoor sporting activities (…) recommended for athletes»

Well, I guess Rockland means torn sandals soles, by that.


They’ve got some explaining to do…

Correção a artigo no Observador

Hoje tive uma entrevista do Observador que resultou num excelente artigo, exceto que há um erro que pedi à jornalista para corrigir pois a frase está incorreta (a chamada não estava com qualidade perfeita por isso compreende-se o erro).

A citação problemática:

“Em Portugal, o que acontece é que os cidadãos se tornam infratores apenas por passarem um CD para um player de mp3, como um iPod e isto não faz sentido nenhum”, afirmou o presidente da direção da Ansol.

A lei da cópia privada existe em Portugal desde 1998, foi extendida ao digital em 2004 cobrindo CDs, DVDs e Mini Discs, e agora estão a querer extender a equipamentos que estão muito longe de ter como única ou principal função a cópia privada.

O que disse foi no contexto de exemplificar o comportamento similar a uma extorsão que as entidades coletoras utilizam perante os cidadãos, mais como:

«Ainda no Prós & Contras a AGECOP disse com desplante que só a cópia privada nos torna legais ao fazer cópias privadas, como passar um CD comprado para um player mp3 ou um iPod, como argumentação a favor das taxas, tal qual gangsters a dizerem ao lojista que só ao pagar-lhes um “seguro” previne as montras partidas.»

Fica o esclarecimento aqui enquanto não for corrigido o artigo.

Artigos electrónicos e seguros compensam

OK #Worten, pensava que era 90 dias mas afinal eram 60, mais de 30 dias de vossa vantagem. Onde está o meu tablet em processo de seguro?

Não está na loja? Muito bem. O dinheiro sff.

Talão da compra? Devem estar a brincar, este processo não iniciava sem o talão, vocês têm isso no sistema, e eu tenho o vosso recibo da reparação em devido.

Vale de compra válido por um ano? Certo, pode ser.

Ainda bem que paguei o seguro. Das duas vezes que precisei dele para os dois tablets Nexus 7 2012 valeu a pena  financeiramente, mas a paciência para lidar com a seguradora e a Worten é que necessita de muita generosidade… :)

Asking for advice regarding lombar #discal #herniation with strong #sciatic nerve impact

Ok, my lombar discal herniation which strongly affected my sciatic nerve roots that connect to the left leg doesn’t seem to be getting noticeably better, with a few days of meds, the huge pains only happen now when I’m sitting, other than that I feel an almost constant tingling under my left foot and a weird sensation on the whole leg.

Driving is horrible and dangerous (I suddenly need the car to stop so I can walk a few meters), can’t be sitting for either work, meals or relaxing for more than a couple of minutes.

At the hospital I had lots of different pain killers until they decided to use cortizone. The doctor says that’s the last med they can try to ease my life before deciding to do surgery, so let’s see what these meds will do in the space of a week.

What should I do?

I’m a bit scared of the surgery because if it goes wrong I could become crippled, but everywhere I read it’s a very safe procedure. The videos on YouTube make it seem simple enough.

OTOH, not doing surgery basically means that I may get this from time to time. I’m not sure I can handle the thought of this pain again for a week or two, and how easy it can be fired (lift something a tiny bit heavier, for instance), or if I need to jump or suddenly balance my self out of a fall.

What would you do? More interestingly, what *did* you do if you went through such a case?