Cholesterol is fine and double digits, here I come!

3 months after I moved to Low Carbon High Fat diet, I had my yearly health check exams from my job. 3 months afterward, I finally got the results. Now… to make sure I should make new exams now and cross check, I’ll do that, but remember that the following is well after 3 months eating stuff most people claimed was going to either kill me or maim me in terms of cholesterol 🙂

  • Total cholesterol, 179 mg/dl (desirable is below 200 mg/dl)
  • LDL, 115 mg/dl (desirable is between 100 and 129 mg/dl)
  • HDL, 39 mg/dl (desirable is between 40 and 49 mg/dl, but according to my exam results the desirable is beteen 35 and 55 mg/dl so, ok)
  • Triglicerides, 124 mg/dl (desirable is below 150 mg/dl)
  • Weight: 104,5 Kg (starting from well over 116 Kg, which is what I weighted 3 months after I started, more or less)
  • Belt holes, starting to tighten the belt at the 7th hole (I was at the first two of seven when I changed my diet) and last weekend I had 6 more holes punctured in it.

The desirable values are according to the Mayo Clinic, I don’t know if they’re trustworthy, but are somewhat congruent to what my exam results indicators claim.

So if anything, I have to improve a little on the HDL which is a hairline lower than the desirable levels 🙂


My current favorite breakfast: yogurt, cream and more

My current favorite breakfast is not for the faint of heart, or those who favor carbon hydrates and demonize fat.

I start the night before, by using a strainer to drain the serum off my sugarless greek yogurt all night in the fridge until it gets the consistency of cream cheese.

pouring the yogurt yogurt on strainerIn the morning, the serum is on the cup, and you can safely throw it away, together with the little carbon hydrates the yogurt had.


Don’t worry using a spoon to take it off the strainer, turn it over and give it a dry impact on the cup.


… And it’ll just fall off in it.


Then I add half a cup of thick cream (30% fat, more would be better, but I can’t find it in Portugal) and mix it even.


One can see how hard it is, the spoon just won’t fall off!

SAMSUNGThen I finish by adding some nuts, blueberries, etc… Today I only had cashew, pistachios and almonds.

SAMSUNG SAMSUNGYummy, and I get to go up until lunch without needing to eat in the between.

Hope you enjoyed it!

LCHF keeps fixing lil’old me

So… after about 5 months, a checkpoint.

No weight measures, that fluctuates a lot. More important… belt holes and belt perimeter,  that’s wearing the same belt, from start up until now.

The relation I had, when I started, was 1st/2nd hole, according to my fullness sensation after meals.

Now… today I noticed I’m just about to start this relation on the 5th and 6th holes, I can already use the 6th hole, but it’s not comfortable enough yet for using it the whole day. Maybe a week more, who knows…

That’s about 10 cm less in my belt perimeter! 🙂

I’m now wearing this very cool 501’s I bought in early 2010… better than when I tried them on, then.

There’s still a lot to go, but I’m almost afraid the people I know won’t recognize me by next FOSDEM 🙂

Upcoming next, my current favorite breakfast. WARNING: not for the faint of heart, specially those that still demonize fat and favor carbon hydrates.

Damned slow insurance, grrr

Last Saturday, almost a full week ago, my Google Nexus 7 touchscreen was broken in three pieces. I was able to back it up without resigning myself to a few-weeks-old backup and appealed to the insurance I did on purchase.

After giving them all information they asked for in the contract, they contact me two whole days afterwards demanding pictures and full details of the accident in order to open the process. Wait, what? If they needed that, couldn’t they put it in the contract text? Really? Was it so hard?

Ok, I send them that. Two more days pass without a reply. This is unacceptable and I wrote them in protest.

Not one hour had passed, and they came back to me with a case number and that the process had been accepted.

So now I go back to the shop and… it has to be sent to the brand (Google/Asus) in order to see how hard/expensive it is to repair and then in at most 90 days (good grief) I will get either a repaired Nexus or a new one.

Now… this is seriously hurting my workflow, I was already fully addicted to being able to do ANSOL work in almost any place, being up to date with current events, socialize and so forth.

This is really frustrating.

My first #Drupal related patch

I’ve recently installed the Corporate Clean theme on ANSOL’s website because of it’s fluid design and top slides.

However, the slides are implemented directly in php code in the page.tpl.php file. I hated that. So I pushed my hate towards a positive result: a fix proposal.

So now you just put some PHP block on the Slideshow region, add a custom field to the pages you want to show up there and use the Summary for the content. Seems simple enough and it’s possible to change the slides without needing direct access to the code, so you can let less experienced people just post content.

Oops, the touchscreen broke


How ridiculous this feels.
An android tablet, Google Nexus 7, with a mini male to normal female USB adapter connected to an USB hub, where I connected a mouse and keyboard (because typing with the mouse is an even worse experience than typing with your finger, even with slide typing).

Today, from one hour into the other, I don’t know how but the screen broke in two cracks, it’s then three pieces and only the smallest one has touch, which I deduce it’s where it connects with the PCB.

At least this setup allowed me to make a last second full backup before wiping to factory defaults and send to insurance.

I hope it doesn’t last long before I get it back, I’m already with shivers due to abstinence…

Bom Jesus, Braga

Saudades… Pelo menos deu para apanhar esta vista sobre o lago, as fotos não fazem jus ao ar de reino mágico que parecia estar presente no ar.




Two weeks under LCHF and I feel fine!

After finally watching the super famous film Supersize me, by Morgan Spurlock, I felt all nice and pandered about all the beliefs I had been brought up in life…

I mean, Surely it stands to reason all they say, and Spurlock is a good movie director so he controls quite well all those pretty little details that keep your suspension of disbelief active while nodding your head because the movie panders to what society has been vastely hammering on us since kids, well, most of my age and close abouts.

But then, I viewed Fat Head, by Tom Naughton

… and Fat Head Followup…

I can only say… wow.

Tom does an excellent rebuttal of Supersize Me, in fact Spurlock lost all credibility to me when I learned that he keeps his data secret no matter how hard you ask for it.

As someone formed in sciences, finding out about that broke the spell completely. Specially when Naughton sprouts out the numbers in a clear fashion you can yourself test, veryfy and counterclaim

Worse, to get to the number of calories intake he claims to be getting at some point, you’d basically have to eat twice at McDonalds to get there, unless it’s very extreme unrealistic cases where most everyone would have a hard time even finishing their meal.

So, as Naughton says, there’s at least some Bologna in there.

In fact, as I’m quite overweight though not morbidally obese, I can attest that most standard diets out there (and I tried quite a few) do seem to be a lot like Microsoft Windows. Everyone thinks they have to have it though they don’t, or else they’ll have health problems (or be left out of the information society).

There’s news for you! As surely you should know, you can use Free Software and not ever be excluded of the Information Society, in fact you get much more involved specially if you become a collaborator rather than a normal user of software (and there’s so much you can help with…).

It appears to be just the same with what you eat.

I have started the LCHF diet since a couple of weeks ago and I feel very fine, so far, though I should really start taking down notes on my weigth, blood analysis and so forth in order to verify that I’m not swapping Bologna type A for Bologna type B.

However, I didn’t start this diet entirely from self appointed mastery of internet searching but from a recommendation from Randal Schwartz. Yes, one of Perl’s most recognizeable names and main co-host of FLOSS Weekly. A smart person who also believes in hard data and who has been in such a diet for about an year an has improved a lot.

Shamelessly copying from his reply to me on a Google Plus post (before I suspended it due to Larry Page and Google’s support of CISPA) here goes some more good information for you:

So, the easiest way to get into low carb high fat (LCHF) is this page:

and watch this movie (Fat Head):

Fat Head

plus his followup:

Fat Head Followup

That movie is a followup to “Supersize me”, so it helps if you’ve seen that, but not absolutely necessary.

And a compendium of good info (including links to recipes and more detailed explanations of why it works) is here (although gathered by a lay person, there are lots of doctors studies links):

For a more technical background about why it works, check out the series of FAQs and blog articles posted by Dr Peter Attia:

The Reddit “/r/keto” community is very active (if you want a place to get support or questions answered), and has put together a nice FAQ as well:

Ó VD, podias ser mais honesto, não?

Avisaste que ias pegar comigo no Codebits a respeito de um artigo que escrevi sobre as sessões que me pareciam ser sobre Software Livre ou a sua filosofia.

«Xen how-to for freetards saying that AWS is not opensource (PT RMS)», por VD

Não tenho problema em ser gozado por erros que faça, mas prefiro ser gozado com estilo em vez de meros insultos e desonestidade intelectual.

Não te ocorreu esclarecer-me? Eu não conhecia os detalhes da AWS, e conhecendo o seu historial com patentes de software não estava nada à espera de algo positivo.

Para um exemplo efectivo de um erro semelhante, ou até mais sério uma vez que era código que tinham escrito em vez de meros terceiros utilizarem Software Livre, pessoas corrigiram-me comentando no blog e as suas sessões foram incluídas.

Para devolver o insulto, only retards say freetards. 🙂

(edit: por engano publiquei no outro blog, algo que faz sentido neste, e no outro não)