True cat story (II)

My current cat, Hastur, likes to run from one end of the house to the other.

I had a huge turtle living in a 100 l aquarium, a bit like this one:

aquariumThe top was usually on, and the cat liked to jump onto it, but one day, it was being cleaned.

The cat jumped and… didn’t get wet.

But I had to carefully save him while laughing like a maniac.

He had his 4 members spread out horizontally in order to prevent him from falling and meowed desperately.

True cat story (I)

I once had in my house a two level glassy serving cart. Nothing as fancy as this 1000 $ USD, but it was of that fashion:

fancy_serving_cartNow imagine your cat used to run and jump on the top level.

Now imagine the top level had broken, it was being replaced and the cat didn’t know about it…

Now imagine the cat running, jumping to the top, and then landing very surprised on the bottom.

While I was rolling on the floor laughing a lot, the cat stood still some good couple of minutes trying to digest what had just happened.

I miss you, Roque 🙂