Axeing email, almost Inbox Zero

I feel so proud of myself… tonight I decided to simply axe most of my email.

I have let my email get out of control again, with the practical effect that it was exponentially hard to reply on time to people.

Now I need to axe mailing lists… I don’t read any of them, and the message numbers piling up drive me into a state of email depression, which is what I call the feeling you get of anxiety because you feel you are loosing a lot, but it’s such an abundance of information that you feel helpless to even start.

I’m down to a couple dozen emails I might have to really reply or do something about them, and I’ll have to tighten the spam checks.

If I was able to get my weight under control (or at least, it’s still going down to an yet unknown baseline) then I must surely be able to get control of that part of my life.

Sorry if I haven’t replied you back… if it’s important, please do ping me again.