Elmdentica release 0.3.0

Elmdentica is getting better all the time 🙂

  1. the toolbar is no longer out of the screen
  2. the timeline now displays (cacheable) icons in the nice bubbles
  3. libcurl is being called with object reuse, which optimizes downloads a bit

So here’s the complementary screenshot, followed by the download links:

Release 0.3.0 in action...
Release 0.3.0 in action...

New elmdentica dev screenshot

Hi, I’m slowly starting to get a better hold on Elementary, once I fix the obvious problem in the screenshot below, I hope to release 0.1.0 tomorrow:

elmdentica now has a nice scrolling friends timeline...
elmdentica now has a nice scrolling friends timeline...

Elmdentica 0.0.2 Screenshot

Hi, by popular request, here’s a screenshot of elmdentica in action. Yes, it’s not pretty, I know… as I learn Elementary (or people make patches) it’ll get improved… 🙂

0.0.2 in action...
0.0.2 in action...

elmdentica release 0.0.2

Ok, a new quick release of elmdentica. Biggest changes are some steps towards a better timeline display, and support for identi.ca errors (as wrong user or password data, for instance).

Get it here while it’s hot (and unusable) 🙂

elmdentica release 0.0.1

As some of you may know, I’m writing an identi.ca client with Elementary for the OpenMoko. This, is it’s first release. It’s almost totally unusable, right now, in great part due to a documentation that could be better (I’m looking at you, Elementary…), but you can already get a gist of what is can do.

Anyway, in the interest of release early, release often, here’s a first working release, 0.0.1:

I won’t hope you enjoy because it’s really crappy, now, but it loads in a jiffy 🙂

In defense of FSF’s Swindle campaign

Some don’t like that FSF is criticizing Amazon for defrauding users of their freedoms with Kindle.

FSF is calling it Swindle, so some guy say it’s whine-like name calling, for instance as in “Andy-Mandy”.

This reveals that this guy, at best, doesn’t know his English. It’s a totally appropriate* accurate wordplay, just check the definition of Swindle:

  • victimize: deprive of by deceit; “He swindled me out of my inheritance”; “She defrauded the customers who trusted her”; “the cashier gypped me when he gave me too little change”
  • the act of swindling by some fraudulent scheme; “that book is a fraud”


Well, at least I hope Andy Lester’s criticism is not because he may have something to gain from Amazon

* so I’m not a native English speaker…