Hi, I’m Rui, a portuguese citizen, and this blog is where I express my personal thoughts.

See that bold on the word personal? Enough warning? Ok, from now on, if you confuse anything written in this website as representing positions of ANSOL, where I used to work at its Board and now hold a position on its Fiscal Board, or of SIBS SA where I work as a Systems and Firewalls Administrator, even if at times they may coincide, then I’m sorry to say it but you are an absolute idiot, your driver’s license should be revoked as you are unfit to drive, as well as your vote (well, maybe not this last one, but then…).

But if you have understood that, then you’re an awesome person so hop in.

I used to be a very active activist for Free Software, and besides activism did some active collaboration of Free Software projects such as AbiWord and Enlightenment, having actually written a Twitter client for OpenMoko (the Free Software phone) called ElmDentica (worked with identi.ca too, the twitter alternative and a sort of Mastodon pre-cursor).

Nowadays I’m more focused on fun, family, theater acting, and work.

You can also reach me at other places like:

  • Github
  • Mastodon
  • Not really a contact link, but my old blog is kept for previous reference.

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