I’ve moved from WordPress to [Hugo][https://gohugo.io/], I’m still setting things up and there isn’t a lot of time available for all the fine tuning I want to do, so please be patient! :)

I moved not because I don’t like WordPress, I do… but because I need to get rid of things taking my timeand maintaing WordPress does take it’s time [or else you’ll get eventually defaced, or worse, even though WordPress improved a lot in that regard].

I’ve moved my old blog to a static version available at https://oldblog.1407.org/

Things might be a bit rocky, but I’ve already added a 404 page that suggests a link to the old blog.

Meanwhile… the theme I found closest to my true nature is this terminal based one.

It’s clean, it’s readable. No fuss no muss.

I hope to get back to blogging…