This made my day…

… Marcus Bauer, who writes TangoGPS (an app I like but rarely use because GPS eats battery), uses one of my rotate versions. Neat!

I really gotta make a new release, but first I must decide wether to move to FSO (of which I’m trying out fso-image since M4) or Debian. I’m kinda of bored of the “hard” way OpenEmbbeded paves for writing applications…

2 Replies to “This made my day…”

  1. Hi!
    these days I am trying my incomming (or underdevelopement) app under the new fso (with shr) and I agre with you! my app launch and run as i wanted under debian! sweet! but unfortunatly this is not the case for the shr.. bad Qt library.. some warning in the console and te result was not perfect..
    good luck for your project! 😉
    keep on!!

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