Updates for 2010-10-05

  • Portugal em 11.º lugar no ranking de países onde é a maior corrupção na advocacia #
  • A SIC diz q comemora 18 anos de emissão livre e independente, mas não esclarece de que influências. #ambiguidade por omissão! #
  • @hbons I may be interested into helping with a C port, if nobody beats me to it. I’ll have to investigate how #sparkleshare works. #
  • @rclayton I’ll definitly not be using Qt, but what does libxml2 have to do with MCP? It’s not based on Microsoft tech… #
  • @hbons Is my understanding correct in viewing Sparkleshare as a simplified git client? #
  • ♺ @arnebab: Join the campaign “We are more than 1%”, showing how many users !GNU #Linux has – #
  • ♺ @rms: Urgent: Be a Face Against ACTA #