Google and Twitter still support CISPA

Learning that Google is supporting CISPA (at the highest levels, Larry Page is behind the bill) I decided to suspend my activity in Google+ in protest, and sent them feedback.

I didn’t cancel my account for a few reasons: for one, it would erase my posts, including the protest against Google’s support of CISPA, and besides that, Google’s support is so awful that I wouldn’t want to dare risking that cause issues with my contacts list, shamefully stored at Google for easy sync between Android devices. I still need to find a reliable way to free myself from those shackles as I did for server side RSS with Tiny Tiny RSS.

Meanwhile, it seems Twitter also supports CISPA, but it seems that, oddly enough, Facebook is turning around.

Please help stop this nightmare and share the word, this starts on the USA but the European Union is also considering extending similar laws in the name of cyber war, cyber bullying, cyber terrorism, cyber child porn, cyber “anything that will make you scared because it has the word cyber” and you don’t comprehend it’s nothing new, just the same old crimes done with new tools.