How to fix your site name

A newbie mistake that is quite easy to do on is to set a name for your instance, then decide to change and… oops, you changed /etc/ but it doesn’t change! WTF!?

In my case I was particularly pissed off because there’s a bug on with certain characters, I had named my instance 1407’s Pumps but apparently doesn’t like that quote there… displayed instead 1407s Pumps. ANGRRRY!

After digging through all keys in my instance, I found out that mine was service:urn:uuid:b0f6e849-4a8b-4b8a-9f3d-1ee221d62d58 (faked uuid), but there may be a lot of service:urn:uuid: entries (234 when I did this)!

Here’s how you can fix it on your database as well (I’m using redis, you’ll have to adjust to your particular case if using another DB).

echo "keys service:urn:uuid:*" | redis-cli > uuids.txt
cat uuids.txt | while read KEY ; do
    echo "set $KEY '$(echo get $KEY | redis-cli)'" >> uuids-set.txt
grep "MISTAKEN TITLE" uuids-set.txt > title-fix.txt

So now you can edit title-fix.txt with your favorite text editor and fix the field displayName to your pleasure, and after saving your change you are now ready to apply it:

redis-cli < title-fix.txt

I doubt restarting is needed, but I did it anyway, you can try. 🙂