Global warming and climate chaos for dummies

On the subject of global warning and the current freezing storm in the USA, some denialists are claiming that this storm proves the climate is not warming… That scientists flip flip on their evidences of warning between “see it’s hot” with the extreme summer temperatures and “see it’s cold” with the extreme winter temperatures.

Actually, that’s gross (almost criminal negligence IMHO) misrepresentation of what scientists say.

As the average global surface temperature raises slightly, that breaks and melts some ice.

What happens to the water in your glass when you pour singer ice cubes in it? It gets cooler.

What covers over 2/3 of the surface? Sea water.

What currents being colder waters? Those near the USA.

What does colder water surface do? Cools the air.


What happens sometime after the ice melts?

Water gets hotter…

You can see where this is going unless you’re covering your eyes and ears… And I’ll even let you use a thermometer to analyse it yourself in your home.

Room temperature gets temporarily cold, cold gets temporarily colder, the changes in between wreak havoc everywhere, and then… It. Will. Get. Hot.

I probably won’t see this part, but I’m almost sure my son will suffer. I would love he didn’t have to.