Updates for 2009-09-14

  • ♻@codebits All right people. Registrations are open. Spread the word. #
  • ♻ @jneves Ubuntu-PT: Encontro de Lisboa, 5ª, 17 de Setembro, 18h30 – #
  • Red Hat’s revenue/employees is *only* 6 times smaller than Microsoft’s. Impressive (Quake voice) since its 0.2% employees of the later. #
  • Latest message with data from #
  • Bah, battery already on ~ 20 min, time to hibernate, I guess… 3G cards == energy drainer… #
  • /me suspira… porque é que há sócios que estão à espera que as direcções façam tudo, não importa o parco tempo que as pessoas têm? #
  • @andersongouveia recebeste 4 mails do Ruben? #
  • «Start-up Claims SSD Achieves 180,000 IOPS» sustained r/w of 500/320 MB/s, unlimited writes, 5y warranty, no slow down #
  • Seems too good to be true… so it most likely isn’t, but if true it’s a significant change in storage! #